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The Sweetest Thing Cake Design is a Cottage Act business, based in beautiful Sitka, Alaska.  I create custom designed cakes and traditional British baked goods, from scratch, using locally purchased, premium ingredients.


When I was a little girl, growing up in London, England, I would watch my Grandmother, Joan bake for hours, amazed at the wonderful cakes and yummy treats she would create, always hoping for a taste of the batter!  I remember the fist time she handed me a ball of fondant and a butterfly cutter and let me make my own sugar butterflies, in seconds I was hooked! 


Her wedding cakes were beautiful and she was always busy with orders and became known as THE cake lady in her hometown.


Grandma Joan loved baking so much, that she even used to make a cake for the birds aptly named "bird cake" that (sadly for the birds) they didnt get much of, as me and my Sister Hazel would always scarf it down!  You wont find Grandma Joan's bird cake here, but you will find traditional British baked goods on the Bakery Menu  I have also added a "Best of British" selection to the cake flavor menu.


I cannot wait to pass down to my children what my Grandmother passed down to me.  My Daughters are already keen little bakers and my Husband and Sons are quite happy to taste test!


I hope you enjoy my website, thanks for stopping by!


Indea xo



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