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Welcome to the cake flavor menu!  From classics like chocolate, red velvet & vanilla to the more exotic pina colada cake, you are sure to find something to make your mouth water!  Be sure to check out the "Best of British" section below for some classic British flavors!


The flavors on this menu are for custom celebration and wedding cakes only.  For a list of whole bakery cakes and cupcake flavors head on over to the Bakery Menu 



Cake flavors

Vegan chocolate

Super moist chocolate cake, made using Dutch processed cocoa powder.  Espresso powder brings out the rich chocolate flavor.

Vegan vanilla cake

Super moist vanilla cake, made using natural Madagascan bourbon vanilla bean paste.

Vegan red velvet cake

Super moist red velvet cake, made using Dutch processed cocoa powder.  Please note it is the reaction of the ingredients and addition of NATURAL red coloring that gives my red velvet cake its rich color, therefore it is darker than the standard bright red color you may be used to.


Vegan Marble cake

Super moist cake, swirling vanilla & chocolate cake batter together.  Made using Dutch processed cocoa powder and natural Madagascan vanilla bean paste

Vegan Spice cake

Super moist cake, made using the perfect blend of all spice, ground cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and brown sugar, to create this traditional fall favorite!

Devil’s food cake

Wickedly rich chocolate cake, made using a mixture of black and Dutch processed cocoa powder and premium dark chocolate morsels

Carrot cake

Super moist cake made with freshly grated carrots, chopped walnuts, brown sugar and the perfect blend of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg 

Pound cake

Classic, rich butter pound cake; choose from vanilla, chocolate, lemon or orange

Strawberry cake

Super moist cake made using fresh strawberries (when in season) and natural Madagascan vanilla bean paste



Special flavor combinations

Pina Colada

Super moist vanilla cake, filled with coconut cream buttercream, toasted coconut flakes and fresh pineapple slices

Peanut Buttercup

Super moist, rich chocolate cake filled with chocolate, peanut butter frosting and chopped peanut butter cups!

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Turning an American classic into cake!  Super moist vanilla cake, filled with peanut butter frosting and the jelly flavor of your choice!

Cookies & Cream

Super moist chocolate cake, filled with cookies and cream frosting and crushed, chocolate sandwich cookies

Chocolate & Stout

Super moist chocolate cake infused with chocolate stout.



Frostings & fillings

Vanillaall butter vanilla buttercream made using natural Madagascan vanilla bean paste

Chocolateall butter chocolate buttercream, made using Dutch processed cocoa powder and premium dark chocolate morsels

White chocolate buttercream – made using premium white chocolate morsels

Cream cheese frosting – made using premium quality cream cheese and natural vanilla extract

Peanut butter & chocolate buttercream -made using Dutch processed cocoa power and premium chocolate morsels

Cookies & cream buttercream – made using natural Madagascan vanilla bean paste and crushed cookie sandwich pieces

Salted caramel buttercreammade using coarsely ground sea salt and homemade caramel sauce

Raspberry, strawberry, cherry or blackberry buttercreamall butter, fruit buttercream, made using fresh (when in season) or freeze-dried berries

Mint chocolate buttercream – made using premium dark chocolate morsels, Dutch processed cocoa powder & pure peppermint extract

Coffee buttercream – all butter coffee buttercream made using premium espresso powder

Mocha buttercream – made using Dutch processed cocoa powder and premium espresso powder

Coconut cream buttercreammade using coconut cream and natural coconut extract

Maple whiskey buttercreammade using natural maple syrup and premium whiskey!

Browned butter cream cheese frosting – made using natural Madagascan vanilla bean paste

Crystalized ginger buttercream – finely chopped crystalized ginger is incorporated into this all butter, warm & spicy buttercream

Lemon curd filling – made using fresh lemons

Chocolate ganache – made using premium dark, milk or white chocolate morsels.  Delicious as a filling, frosting or both!

Banana, raspberry or strawberry mousse filling – light, fluffy and delicious!

Raspberry jam filling - classic, seedless raspberry jam




Best of British!

Many great things come from across the pond!  The Royal Family, fish and chips, Gordon Ramsey, The Beatles and…CAKE!  Channeling my inner Brit, I’m bringing you some of the most iconic British desserts in cake form…Enjoy!


The Cherry Bakewell Cake

Traditionally a shortcrust pastry tart, filled with layers of jam and frangipane and topped with flaked almonds, the Cherry Bakewell is a popular British tea-time treat.  I have incorporated these flavors into a super moist, light flavored almond cake, with a cherry jam and almond buttercream filling.


The Jaffa Cake

A popular, cookie sized cake with a layer of orange jelly & covered in chocolate.  I have adapted this classic into a super moist vanilla cake with fresh orange zest, filled with orange curd and chocolate orange ganache.


Madeira Cake

A popular choice for Birthday cake and denser than the Victoria sponge, Madeira cake is lightly flavored with freshly grated lemon zest and natural almond extract.  Keeping it traditional with a raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream filling.



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